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AI identifies participants
Automatically record, record, modify and translate

Compatible with ZOOM
cooperation only in Japan

  • No. 1 in customer satisfaction 〜Minutes service〜
  • No. 1 in recognition satisfaction 〜Minutes service〜
  • No.1 chosen by businessmen 〜Minutes service〜
  • Zoom App Marketplace Japan No.1 〜Minutes service〜

※Questionnaire monitor Provider: General Research Survey period: March 1-14, 2021 Survey method: Internet survey Survey outline: Site comparison image survey targeting 10 minutes service companies Survey target: 20s-50s nationwide 1316 men and women

Case 1 Use AI GIJIROKU as an individual

It’ll be possible to record the entire conversation!

Use by One Person

Case 2 Use AI GIJIROKU as a team

Utterance of online participants using laptops or tablets can also be recorded in text.

Use By a Team

Case 3 Use AI GIJIROKU for translation

Real-time translation of 30 languages.
Conversations with foreign members are much smoother and recordable.

Use in Translation

Let’s move on to the next agenda, then.


Yes, I will report on …, then.


Can you please report about customer satisfaction that came up in last week’s review topics?


Yes. Overall, the figure has increased by 2% compared to the week before last. Kanto area users account for about 70% of that.


I see.

What about the situation for event preparation next week?


The preparation for the event site is proceeding as planned without problems.

Measures to attract customers ...

Features & Plans

Main functions
Ideal for people like this
Minutes recording time ※1
Continuous recording
Data storage
Group function
Speaker identification
Keyword search
Editing of Text ※2
Text download function
Calendar linkage
Email share function
SNS share function
Translation function ※1approx. 30 countries
Import (voice recognition) ※1
Payment management function
Central management
Customer support
Issue usage report
Data logging (data learning)
Supported browsers
Supporting OS

You can take a tutorial and browse the minutes.※Minutes cannot be recorded

Use for viewing only
View only
View only
Chrome, Safari, Edge
MacOS, Windows, Linux

You can view / record / edit the minutes. Ideal for individuals and teams.

10 hours/month
Within 20 groups
Chrome, Safari, Edge
MacOS, Windows, Linux

All functions are available.
Ideal for corporate use.

Team / corporation
100 hours/month
Within 200 groups
No learning
Chrome, Safari, Edge
MacOS, Windows, Linux

If you would like customization not limited to the above plans, please contact us from the inquiry of the enterprise plan.

Other additional fees
※1 The following are available for purchase if the monthly subscription is exceeded.
・Additional charge for real-time voice recognition will be charged at ¥2/minute.
・Addition of import (voice recognition) (15 yen/minute for standard plan, 12 yen/minute for business plan/enterprise plan, pay-as-you-go)
・Additional translated characters (a measured charge automatically generated according to usage in units of 800 yen per 100,000 characters)
※2 Text editing services (Operator services) are available(Separate application)
※ All published prices and plans are subject to change without prior notice.

Suitable for all usage environments

A pattern

When Mr.A, Mr.B, and Mr.C use one PC speaker / microphone in the same space.

A pattern

B pattern

When Mr.A, Mr.B, and Mr.C use earphones from their respective PCs in different spaces.

B pattern

C pattern

When Mr.A uses earphones and Mr.B uses a PC speaker / microphone in different spaces.

C pattern

D pattern

When Mr.A and Mr.B are in the same space, and Mr.C and Mr.D are in the same space and each uses a PC speaker / microphone.

D pattern

Promotional video



What browsers can I use?
Currently compatible with Chrome, Safari, Edge. Others will be added as needed.
Please tell me the equipment that can be used.
It can be used on a computer with a microphone.
Example: Macbook, Windows laptop, etc. OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux
Is it possible to transcribe external data?
You can use it easily by using the import function. The audio file formats currently available are as follows.
.wav .mp3 .m4a .ogg
Please check the usage for details.
Please tell me about support for smartphones.
The current version only supports macOS and Windows OS. Support for smartphones will be supported sequentially from iOS.
Is it possible to link with video chat (Zoom / Skype / Teams, etc.)?
Okay. You can use it without any problems. Confirmed for use with Zoom, Skype, Teams, Hangouts and Webex.
What is your support system?
We accept emails 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will reply to you at any time from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. For inquiries, please contact us from the following.
Are security measures taken?
AI GIJIROKU uses SSL to encrypt all communications. Please be assured that no third party can confirm it except for the intentional act of the user.
What are the payment methods?
You can choose to pay by credit card for the standard plan and by credit card and bank transfer for the business plan.




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