Update Infomation

  • New
Provision of additional storage capacity optionsWeb2024/04/05 ScheduledDetails

For customers who save a large number of recorded audio and video files, we plan to offer an option to add additional storage capacity.

  • Enhancement
Improvement of notebook permission management & calendar functionsWeb2024/04/05 In progressDetails

We will fix bugs related to calendar recording and improve the functions related to notebook permissions.

  • Enhancement
Support for video streamingWeb2024/04/05 In progressDetails

The video that was recorded can now be played in streaming format, allowing for more stable use of the function.

  • Enhancement
Add the video download feature, refurbishment of the menu on the seek barWeb2024/03/21 ReleasedDetails

You will be able to download videos recorded on-screen. Additionally, improvements will be made to the UI of the menu on the seek bar.

  • Enhancement
Improvements to member management featuresWeb2024/03/12 ReleasedDetails

Customers using the Team, Business, and Enterprise plans will be able to manage members in more detail through the admin panel, including changing member names and department names, and bulk updating via CSV.

  • Enhancement
Add group recording feature to the folderWeb2024/03/21 ReleasedDetails

The group recording feature will now be available within the folder.

  • UI/UX
Improvements in design due to changes in font settingsWeb2024/02/23 AbortedDetails

We have reviewed the font settings in mac OS, resulting in improvements to minor design issues.

  • Enhancement
Improvements to the automatic recording feature in the calendarWeb2024/02/23 ReleasedDetails

You can select the screen recording as the default option in the automatic recording feature in the calendar.

  • UI/UX
Improving the UI for Screen Recording Features (Enhancing Usability of Video Meeting Minutes)Web2024/02/26 ReleasedDetails

The usability of video meeting minutes will be improved.

  • New
Renewal of the Calendar UI & functionsWeb2024/02/07 ReleasedDetails

A major UI renewal will be conducted for the calendar screen. The new calendar feature will allow AI bots to automatically join scheduled web meetings and perform automatic transcription.

  • New
Screen Recording Feature (Video files upload, Screen recording using AI bot)Web2024/01/26 ReleasedDetails

Automatic transcription will be available for screen recordings by AI bot and uploaded videos.

  • New
Screen Recording Feature (Recording of Shared Screens)Web2024/01/26 ReleasedDetails

This function allows you to record your PC screen while simultaneously enabling automatic transcription of the recorded audio.

  • UI/UX
Bug fixes for the UI and CSV export function of the Analytics screenWeb2024/01/19 ReleasedDetails

We will make some changes to the UI of the Analytics screen available for Team Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan, and fix bugs in the CSV export function.

  • Enhancement
Add payment cycle change functionWeb2024/02/24 ReleasedDetails

You will be able to change the payment cycle of your subscription plan from the settings screen.

  • Enhancement
CSV Download Feature of the previous month's usageWeb2023/12/28 ReleasedDetails

Customers using the Team Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan will now be able to download a CSV file of the usage summary for each member from the management screen.

  • New
Language settings for AI AssistantWeb2023/12/08 ReleasedDetails

When using the AI assistant, you will be able to select the language of the generated results.

  • New
alt personal assistant for mobile appApp2023/11/27 ScheduledDetails

The personal assistant function will also be available on the mobile app.

  • UI/UX
Add mute function and minor changes to UI during recordingWeb2023/12/19 ReleasedDetails

On the Recording screen, it will be possible to mute the audio input.

  • New
Linking minutes information to Salesforce objectsWeb2023/12/05 ReleasedDetails

The date, time, and participants of audio recordings can be automatically entered into Salesforce's business meeting records simply by operating the AI GIJIROKU on the screen.

  • UI/UX
Resolve functional differences between folders and groupsWeb2023/12/07 ReleasedDetails

The functional difference between folders and groups will be eliminated. This allows members invited to a folder and participants in a recording to operate the same as when using the group function.



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