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What AI GIJIROKU can do

AI GIJIROKU is a system that GIJIROKU is a service that converts into text.

Automatic translation is available in more than 35 languages.

Extensive share functionality allows you to immediately share the minutes you create with your team.

Main features of AI GIJIROKU

Real-time texting

AI GIJIROKU can text conversations to the screen in real time and automatically save minutes after the call is over. Conversations are visualized for better understanding and increased productivity even when working remotely.

Audio File Import

AI GIJIROKU's file import function allows you to visualize the audio data you have into editable text.

Automatic synchronization across multiple devices

AI GIJIROKU allows automatic synchronization of voice, text, and related data between multiple devices of the same account. Important voice and text data can be viewed on a second device.

Editing and tagging text

AI GIJIROKU allows editing and tagging of textualized text. You can also highlight timelines and texts in real time, and view timelines at any time.

Data Export

AI GIJIROKU can export text, audio data, and data in a variety of file formats. For example, you can export in audio format, MP3, and text formats such as DOCX, TXT, PDF, and SRT.

Security/Privacy Track Record


ISO 27001 certified, we are able to provide international trust in information security.

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